Gentle Drop Massage

We're excited to announce that we're launching our new service, Gentle Drop Massage!

The essential oils used in this intense aromatherapy massage are chosen for the ability to provide support for various functions of the body, while easing stress, tension, and creating an incredible feeling of euphoria and general well-being.

Gentle Drop Massage has an introductory price of $140 for the month of December, and will increase to it's full price of $160 on January 1st, 2019. Because it is still a massage, you can still claim it on your insurance benefits!

Book online or buy your gift certificate now!

Welcome to Inglewood Massage!

We provide therapeutic, deep tissue, sports and prenatal massage. We also offer dynamic cupping massage, as well as online billing to most insurance companies, and we now offer aromatherapy! Please contact us for more details.

What makes us different from all the other massage places around? We are therapeutically-focused. We will not just make you feel good for an hour, but we will dig down to find out why you feel and move the way you do, and find ways to help you help yourself! We don't believe in "cookie-cutter" treatments, or "fast food massage". We care, whether you're a "desk jockey", "weekend warrior", truck driver, or "pedal head".  Come in, and discover the difference.

Photo by Marion Michele on Unsplash