We are now offering our first class, Relaxation Massage For Friends and Family!

Come and learn how to give a basic relaxation massage to friends and family! Class will be set up for chair massage, and you will be practicing on your partner (if you bring one), or you will be matched up with another participant. Everybody will be fully clothed, this is not intimate massage.

We will be covering: communication and consent, how to prepare your setting, some basics about safety, oils and lotions, and, of course, going over some basic techniques.

**Please bring two pillows (you can share with your partner, if you have one).

Cost is only $45.00 per participant (plus GST), as this is our inaugural event. We request all participants to please fill out a simple feedback form at the end of the class.

Welcome to Inglewood Massage!

We provide therapeutic, deep tissue, sports and prenatal massage. We also offer dynamic cupping massage, as well as online billing to most insurance companies, and we now offer aromatherapy! Please contact us for more details.

What makes us different from all the other massage places around? We are therapeutically-focused. We will not just make you feel good for an hour, but we will dig down to find out why you feel and move the way you do, and find ways to help you help yourself! We don't believe in "cookie-cutter" treatments, or "fast food massage". We care, whether you're a "desk jockey", "weekend warrior", truck driver, or "pedal head".  Come in, and discover the difference.

Photo by Marion Michele on Unsplash