Looking for regular massages, and a good deal? Try out our membership program! $69.00 (+ GST) per month gets put on as credit to your account, and gives you access to the Member's Rate of - you guessed it! $69 + GST for a 60-minute massage! (You can upgrade to 90 minutes for $35 + GST, if you like.) If you don't use it right away, don't worry, it's still there! Need an extra treatment? It's still at the Member's Rate! When you come for your treatment, you get an insurance receipt. We don't make you sign a contract, but we try to be fair. If you haven't come in for a while and your credit adds up to over $217, we'll automatically put your membership on a temporary hold until you use up your credit. If this keeps happening, though, we'll need to talk to make sure the membership program is the right fit for you.

**Please note, the member's rate is going up as of Nov 1/19 to $74 (+ GST) for 60 min, and $109 (+ GST) for 90 min.

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EMS & 9-11 Appreciation

We are grateful for, and support our Emergency Service workers, and we'd like to show our appreciation to those individuals working in the industry, including (but not limited to) 911 dispatchers, police officers, firefighters, and EMTs!

At any time, simply bring in validation of your employment (such as employee ID or your uniform), and we'll knock 10% off your appointment! It's that simple.

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Don't keep a great massage to yourself! Tell your friends!

Refer two new people to us, and when they come in, you will get 30 minutes of massage! You can use it by itself, add it to a paid hour, or save it to combine and use later!

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