We have put together some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question that is not answered, please feel free to Contact Us for more information!

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: Our cancellation policy states that you must give us 24 hours notice for cancellations, or you may be responsible for the cost of the treatment. This gives us time to try to fill the spot. Of course, if you have a good reason for needing to miss your appointment, send us an email or text, and we will see what we can do. We try to be pretty reasonable!

If you are going to be late, please give us a head's up! We can usually accommodate 5 to 10 minutes, before eating into your time. If you are more than 15 minutes late, and we haven't heard from you, we may cancel your appointment, and you could be responsible for the cost of the appointment. Please note: if you have a "late cancel" or "no-show" fee, you cannot pay for it through your insurance.

If you are actively sick, please don't come in!!! Firstly, we don't want to get sick, and, secondly, if you are actively sick (fever, active sinus issues or coughing, fatigue), a massage can actually make you sicker, as it can "push" the bacteria or viruses around your body. Just let us know that you can't make it because you're sick, and you will not be charged. If you are on the mend, use your own judgement. FYI, we always thoroughly disinfect the table and headrest, as well as any tools used, between every client.

If the roads are bad, safety comes first! This  is your judgement call to make, but if you don't feel safe about driving, then don't come in. The last thing we want is for you to be worried and uncomfortable during a treatment, or to get into an accident! Just give us as much notice as you can, and re-book for later on.

Q: What kind of massages do you do?

A: We do mostly Therapeutic, Sports, Deep Tissue, and Prenatal massage. To be honest, we don't do a lot of "ordinary" relaxation massage (although most of our clients leave VERY relaxed!), and we find it is near-impossible to do a therapeutic or deep tissue full body massage in 60 minutes. What we are good at, is figuring out what the most likely cause of your pain is, and working with you and your comfort level to tackle that, as well as your symptoms. We find people usually leave much happier, and the results last a lot longer than a simple relaxation massage!

Q: Do you direct bill?

A: We do! Our current list of companies that we direct bill to includes: Blue Cross, Green Shield, Equitable Life, Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance, CINUP, Cowan, Desjardins Insurance, First Canadian, Great-West Life, GroupHEALTH, GroupSource, Industrial Alliance, Johnson Inc., Johnston Group Inc., Manion, Manulife Financial, Maximum Benefit, and Sun Life Financial. This list may change, however, we will do our best to keep it up to date.

Q: What do I do for tips?

A: We decided to no longer accept tips, as we are more of a therapeutic clinic, rather than a relaxation spa. If you wish to "tip" your therapist, the best compliment is a referral!

 Q: Will it hurt?

A: Not usually. Therapeutic massage is meant to feel "spicy". That means that you will feel that something is happening, and it might get a bit intense (like biting into some hot wings!), but it should NOT feel like torture! The general rule is, if you feel like your muscles are tightening against what we are doing, then let us know, and we will back off a bit, otherwise, it's up to you to decide how spicy you like it! You might feel a little achy the next day or two after a massage, but it shouldn't prevent you from doing your normal activities, and it should only last a day or two.

Q: What can I expect?

A: When you come into the room for the first time, we will sit down with you, and make sure that your health history form is filled out. If we have any questions, such as details about what happened during a car accident, or about a particular health issue, we will ask about it then. We will also ask what you expect out of your treatment that day, and will then do an assessment to find out the information we need to put together a treatment plan for that session. We will go over the plan with you, to make sure that we are matching what you desire for a treatment with what our findings suggest that you need, and get your approval. If we have left out something, please, let us know, and we will adjust the plan. We will then leave the room for you to get ready for the table. Undressing is absolutely at your comfort level. If you are not comfortable undressing, then just let us know, and we can adjust to accommodate that. We are comfortable with clients undressing fully, or leaving socks or underwear on, so long as they are covered by the sheet when we come back in, and we will, of course, use proper draping during the treatment. We will knock for permission to come back into the room, and adjust the sheet and blanket for treatment.

When the treatment is finished, we will leave the room to give you privacy. Take your time getting off of the table, as many people can feel so relaxed, they feel light-headed. Once you are dressed again, just open the door, and we will come back in to go over the treatment, and perhaps show you a stretch or give you home care suggestions.

 Q: I am pregnant! What do I do?

A: First of all, congratulations! 🙂

If you are early in your pregnancy (before 12 weeks, or before your baby bump makes lying on your stomach uncomfortable), you don't necessarily need a prenatal massage, however, you ABSOLUTELY MUST let your massage therapist know that you are pregnant, even if you have not announced it, yet (we promise not to tell!) This is to ensure that the therapist doesn't use any techniques that might cause issues, and will be aware and able to help you if you develop problems, like nausea or dizziness during treatment.

From around 12 weeks, until 6 weeks after the baby is born, you do need a prenatal massage. At Inglewood Massage, we prefer to make a nest of pillows for you to lie comfortably on your side, rather than using a prenatal table or face-down bolsters, as many of the bolstering systems can put pressure on the ligaments of the uterus and the low back. We also find most of them to be "one-size-fits-all", even if they are somewhat adjustable, which just ends up being uncomfortable for most people!

If you are having complications during your pregnancy, Kim Umphrey, RMT is highly trained, and is certified for dealing with higher-risk pregnancies. Check with your doctor first, to ensure that massage is safe for you, but massage can alleviate many discomforts, and help prevent complications such as blood clots that can occur from bed-rest.